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Period Paintings from your Portraits 


Do you feel connected to a particular era or drawn to a significant figure in history? Imagine what it would be like to be transported back in time, to come alive in a painting of yourself, standing in the shoes of your forefathers. 

With the services of two exceptional artists in Spain and Angela Hampton's photography, we create a replica oil painting by superimposing your face onto a masterpiece chosen from an encyclopaedia of paintings. The final image is truly impressive and believable.


This is NOT a matter of dropping a face in a hole and adjusting it. Our work is a time consuming process undergoing extensive photo manipulation and time tested oil painting techniques to create the glazed effect seen on old paintings

We want your picture to look like the original so you really can't tell the difference. When you look at yourself, you really ARE gentry, king, queen, princess, emperor - or whoever you fancy yourself to be! Remember, this could have been one of your ancestors!


Finally, we can add an antique frame, replicate an old one, or our master gilder can gold leaf an original frame so that your re-created masterpiece will always have value.


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